And the story begins…

Initially, there was a plan for a coffee shop to be a part of the Geneva National Retail Center.  When those plans fell through, proprietor Tracey Wieder, owner of the Mia Faccia Salon and Spa next door, took things into her own hands.  She took the opportunity to open the establishment herself.  However, she had bigger plans.  She added the wine dispensary concept in order to fill a “niche” if you will, in the Geneva National area.

Niche is a gathering place meant to be unpretentious and welcoming.  It is a place for people to unwind, work or visit at their leisure.    You can order a coffee, latte and other specialty coffees or self-serve from the wine dispensers.  Kick back and relax and listen to live music on weekends.  Also available for private events.   Niche was created in order to spend quality time with the people you are with rather than other distractions.

The wine dispensaries are from Napa Technology and are the first in Walworth County.  This technology enables Niche to keep the best wines fresh for every time as they recork with Argon gas after each serving.     This enables Niche to offer high end wines and give patrons the opportunity to have a taste or a glass without needing to purchase the whole bottle.  Servings can be purchased as a tasting, half glass or full glass.

Baked goods from some of the finest local establishments are served along with wrap sandwiches, salads and cheese platters.  Coffees, teas and gourmet chocolates are also available for purchase.  Be sure to check out all the gift items throughout the shop.

We welcome you! Come visit us!